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//........PARTY FOR ONE.........\\


Thoughts are thinning
words are spinning
and you dont know what she just said

You'll try another
but your hype is over
and you just cant seem to come down

You made a fool of everyone who adored you
So now they ignore you
I've been there, friend
no need to depend on a good moment's return

It's alright
you can just come home
Yeah don't you mind it
Get off your throne

Try to ramble about the weather
but youre no longer clever
enough to sustain another moment of her time
that she doesn't share
oh why should she care
when everyone looks just like the seem to be

But it's alright
you can just come home
Yeah take your time
forget what you own
Because you may be right
but you dont know
Yeah its alright
if they leave you alone

In the morning if she lingers
but your fingers are too frail
to hold her in your arms
dont be alarmed
if she sees who you are

dont make her guess.
Youre a mess


released April 25, 2014
Recorded in the dining room. Thanks mom




GHOSTT BLLONDE Raleigh, North Carolina

" Stemming from PBR suds and nervous hiccups Ghostt Bllonde's lovably insouciant indie rock is a 50′s rumble of trash-can-pop."

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