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released October 14, 2014




GHOSTT BLLONDE Raleigh, North Carolina

" Stemming from PBR suds and nervous hiccups Ghostt Bllonde's lovably insouciant indie rock is a 50′s rumble of trash-can-pop."

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Track Name: Curls
Loneliness; lighting caverns in my chest that I cant guide
And I'll pretend she is you and I'll wake in your bed
fill your space instead
And all my body wants is the comfort of your passenger seat
and the sting of my teeth when im too afraid to speak
Waiting for a shot to penetrate your afraid
depress my fingertips in your hips and bring you back

And all i want i thought was this token of you
here I found a beast that's living in me now
Safe with no sound; your breath trascending down my spine
Im alive but outside im dying with every call

Can we pretend to be again
I'll stop pleading when im dead

This body is just an orphanage
I miss the synthesis of your own
And the security of how you comfort me
with my heart in my throat and your hands tangeled in my curls

Desperation shake throughout both my hands
reprimand all the sound quaking in my now
im aware its temporary this way but i cant hold back now
and the scenes that i keep every week i just need them to stay

Can we pretend to be again
I'll stop pleading when im dead
Track Name: Red
Say you are the only one and nothing else matters now
But i could write you off so well
and youre hollowing out my sound
so you came away from me and all of the things you found
so i'll get the guts to say i hate your favorite band
and hop along away from you right now

What do you say we go
what do you need from me
All that you have to hide
All that you want from me

When i call i know you'll never answer
dispatch all your disdain right throught the wire
So you came to me to say all of the things you'd require

Its my fault
i know better than to trust you again
let my head go
ive been shaking doubt
all i wanted to do was the see the end of this
with you in my arms cause ive been too devout
Track Name: Bllondes
Despite all the cocaine
Its not always profane
Is probably pre-ordained
ill shake off the fake mystique
its down to a routine
beware the words between
this kiss tastes like gasoline
im trying to retreat

waiting for me there
I'll lead you to the scene
I'll want you either way
dont stay

Despite all your disdain
it's not all the champange that courses through my veins
this moments not unique
obsessed with the obscene
its always unforseen
you'll find all the debri a week after we meet

wanting me to care
will only make you mean
i'll break you either way
dont stay
Track Name: Apogee (Revisited)
Say you are the only one
i hope that guy you know is just a friend
say you wont but its hard
gold mines shattered blown apart

vision keeps fading
eternally changing
i know im debased
im recognizing that ill just keep lying to you
in a place not very near

settle down you always say
it doesnt go down that way
speculation kills everytime
knowing the truth but convinced it was lie

Always complaining that im contimplating another relaity
when he is fucking you ill be here loving you waiting patiently
always im thinking of what youll be drinking and the news ill find
so goddamn confusing im anxiously losing my mind
in a place not very near