Birthday Party


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lunaluthier fun little album full of buzzy, boppy tunes you want to dance to. vibes like the Strokes (kinda) but darker and with more punch. nice shifts in this album from dramatic overtures to floaty beach party vibes, like the move from track 5 to 6. lots of great stuff here, drums are great everywhere, love the bass line in Night Lines, the intro to High Rise, the almost operatic vocals at the end on Falter Ego. but for the fave track I have to go with Slow Talk because it makes me so happy!🎉 Favorite track: Slow Talk.
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So I guess this is where I came from And I guess this is where I'll be I don't know who or what I've been waiting for But I always love the company Come down I'm in my room I can't assume who or what will find my stagnant mind Come down I am surrounded by the sound of my mind racing So we cope with the complications We resolve it and make it right But I know this is what I came for And I've never trusted in hindsight And I keep reliving my past lives until I can be recalled So if this works I'm sold
It all started fine With a kiss on the cheek Has it been a while now? It's been a streak Whose coming? Who's going? There's hands in my hair It's been too long now My thoughts everywhere (And I'm like) (Oh no!) How am I gonna make it out of this time? Confidence comes easy When I instigate and actuate Alright Maybe I'll see you later in the back of your apartment Where I will just sit quiet Wondering if you're suspecting anything Oh will I let it show? Glitter and gangs wait outside the room Do I fit the role my drunk lips assume? Now I could care for sentimental swings But boisterous, rowdy, temperamental things Roll off my cuff like (Oh no!) How am I gonna figure out of this time? I get off too easy Faking that I'm making people feel alright Maybe your whiskey kisses Could animate and escalate it tonight Not too young to try it Wondering if I keep saying anything Would it save your afterglow? (Oh no!) How am I gonna try to hide it this time? I took truth too easy When you celebrated I negated everything Maybe I'll see you later In the back of this apartment In my head's a riot Wondering if I'm reflecting anything Oh I think you know
Falter Ego 03:16
Feeling like the exoskeleton of a life of someone else All my friends are leaving and I'm wondering what's happening tonight If you'd want me to stay I'd adapt to you alone So all your friends can tell you lies from someone else I don't think so Please don't tell me why I'm supposed to take it all in stride All that you want and everything you like It happens all for pride So if you are encountering how many things are flawed in my disguise When all my friends are exhibitions my seditions catch them by surprise So if they don't come back I wont care I'm fine alone And all your friends will tell your lies to someone else Maybe its time Please don't tell me how I'm supposed to shake and disavow All that you want and anything a like It happens over time All my friends think I'm so distant Now I know why I think I could just freak out on anyone around
Parallels 04:41
We'd be fine If this could be mine Oh, don't you know It's been a while since we let it show We'd decline If you could provide Oh, I don't care how long it takes to grow So I'm aware but (Hey!) I don't feel the way I know And if you could only stay Would you wanna let it go? (It's alright) We'd succeed If we could agree But oh, I don't spare anything after you go Could you believe in someone like me Oh, I don't share anything I set aglow So I don't care now (Hey!) I don't feel the way I know And if you could only stay Would you wanna let it go? (It's alright) So you keep time to see If we don't cool off All I need is time to retreat So I won't lose my mind I don't feel the way I know And if you could only stay If you wanna let me know
Trace it from my eyes I think there's something And so many ways I'd like to go When I reel it in my daily daydream I just fall apart I think you ought to know Sometimes I've been feeling I could stray Oh, I don't mind If I vary the routine I'll know that I'll see it through Shake me from the start I think you're something And so many ways I'd like to know Dispute and depart My baby's leaving just like me I think you ought to know Sometimes I've been feeling like a stray Oh, I don't mind If I wait to intervene I'll know that I needed to I think you ought to know Sometimes I've been feeling I could sway Oh, I don't mind Though I'm leaning in between I'll go 'till I see it through And I need it too And I'll believe it
Slow Talk 03:33
Little lover are you wired waiting for a night? Oh, no Have you felt it seeping in? Is another feigned desire softening your edge? Oh, no Will it pass this time? A lonely mind can't tell the difference Only a heart knows Little love trepidation suffocates your head Has it got you spinning now? Come down Little sweetheart you're inspired By a thought, a time, a place A dream you reach, a glow That you never need to grow A lonely mind won't mind won't feel it coming Only a heart knows
High Rise 03:10
Over my head I can forget If it's enough for two I won't regret I know that if I try All my fears will subside If I can recall then I can evolve And I won't stop dreaming I don't believe what I'm seeing If it's a result a feeling in motion I won't be wrong Closer to a view Slower to choose Could it be enough to proceed? Or could it be what I need I know that we'll be fine When all our seams are aligned Now I can remain but I can't refrain But I won't stop dreaming I don't believe what I'm seeing If it's been a part of my scheming tonight I'll know And I won't stop dreaming I don't believe what I'm seeing Through all of my fleeting emotions, I'm right where I belong
Night Lines 03:47
No. You gotta take your time Gotta keep it slow if you cut the wire You say I'm alright and you're fine No. We'll try it Taking the light Only after All that I want Aligns now No. If it falls apart Better keep control Better feed the fire So let's take our time While you're mine No. We're alright Chasing the night Slowly. Faster All that I want to find out I'll catch you on the way down
If you don't mind leaving with me If you could stay what would you need I tried to go but was that enough When I all I could do was call it off All my time waited on proof That all my life was fated from youth Oh take your time Take what you need Stake what you do with certainty When all I pursued was redefined Everything all aligned All my time wasted on proof That all my life was jaded by youth All my mind is sated by you Through all my strife it's always true


A rowdy pomp of mania to celebrate the acceptance of uncertainty


released September 28, 2018

Marc Kuzio (Vocals, Guitar, Production)
Chris Bennett (Bass)
Ryan Phillips (Guitar)
Billy Barnes (Drums)

Recorded and Produced in 2016 by Marc Kuzio at The Echo Lounge
Mixed by Missy Thangs at The Fidelitorium
Mastered by Adam Hagar at Mt. Olympia Mastering

Special thanks to: all of "the thieves", The DIY musical/artistic/creative community of the triangle, my fellow "antfarm" artists, WKN 88.1, Everyone who has spent a sweaty evening in our warehouse belting lyrics in a group chant, everyone who has ever paid for a ticket to see us, anyone who has ever danced to these songs and supported us endlessly to get them done, and to YOU for listening

This record is also dedicated to Bobby Furmage whose love and memory will ring out forever in our feedback




GHOSTT BLLONDE Raleigh, North Carolina

"The self proclaimed "trash-can-pop" of Raleigh, NC's energetic upstarts, GHOSTT BLLONDE, has now graduated into a healthy serving of Gutter-Glam. Their Disco-Twang churns with momentum as a self aware train of excitement and positivity"

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