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A trash can collection of oldies beaten, anxious songs. This is the sound of bedroom crooners, and broken hearted nostalgics.

Songs were written in shit holes all over and were recorded in the kitchen of the Matrress Fort and in Marc's mom's dining room

Thanks to: Catie Yerkes, The Neighbors, Iggy Cosky for the ridiculous vibes and support, Sam Logan for the amp, Mark Connor, Micheal Perros for giving my broke ass a job and saving me from selling all of my instruments, Jeremy Kleimen for the mics,
All our best friends, worst peers, and bandmates.
Thanks to late nights of PBR perpetuated frustration and fireball fueled Celebration.

For: Cass


released July 9, 2013

Everything Composed, Written, and Preformed by: Marc Kuzio, Chris Bennett, Billy Barnes, Ryan Phillips ***

*** Bonus track "Suzanne": Originally by Leonard Cohen, recomposed by Jacki Huntington. Vocals/Guitar/Drums/Bass: Jacki Huntington
with additional vocals/guitar: Marc Kuzio

*** Figure 8 features additional vocals by Shea Hart




GHOSTT BLLONDE Raleigh, North Carolina

" Stemming from PBR suds and nervous hiccups Ghostt Bllonde's lovably insouciant indie rock is a 50′s rumble of trash-can-pop."

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Track Name: This Time Last Year
These Nights
Im trying to slow down
Im burning out from these binges
of false intimacy
I dont feel a thing
Have I grown out of the flaws that
made you have fun
My perception's off
After all, this time last year
I thought I was in love
Track Name: Beach Glass Comedown
I found puddles in your eyes
They all evaporated into mine
so if youre leaving tonight
It's okay, it's alright, It's okay, Its alright
Its alright

But i'm afraid of runnin' round in circles
looking desperatley of another fake apology
its apathy thats keeping me alive
I'm not afraid of ignoring your sorrow
you can choke me out
but ill call you tomorrow
it was always guilt that made us just thrive

Fuck me with the rage of a teenage driver
and abandon me with the guilt of a brand new bachelorette
lets get drunk, lets get high and watch dazed and confused
on an old VHS that your family used
its fun
but im young
but youre mine, thats a lie
and I'm fine thats a lie

In between the coffee breaks and rattle snakes
Ill try to sleep just to protect my hygine
'cause my dirty mind is lashing out at me
Steady now your friendly failures will no longer put me down
Geographical changes will hang around
The summer was made for sometimes lovers
Track Name: Sexually Frustrated Nice Guys
So it wont sustain
i think im going crazy
and everyone around me knows
I said I wont refrain
from the impulsions around you
you know
that I wouldnt ask for anything

Laura, Laura, why you pullin' away?
I'm celebrating
youre hesitating
and now they found out and they want me
they'll hate me
and i wont know where to hide
Let's dive into subconcious states
where ill pretend to thrive
and you wont survive

So I wont complain
you wanna misbehave
its you I crave
and those tesselated eyes should know
So if i go insane
from this whispering campaign
you know
that I never asked for anything

Laura, Laura
I really wish you would stay
Im pursuaded
youre frustrated
and Im supposed to shout how much i loathe you
but I love you
I just dont know what to say
The dramatics and theatrics wont be worth a damn
because heartbreak is just a scam to set you right
Track Name: Love is Loathing
Cameron when you loved me I was so depressed
Hannah when you were with me I really had no friends
Now I think Ive gone and fucked it up again

And I know youve been keeping tabs on all my little flaws
Everyday's another page, I swear its not my fault.
Fuck my father Fuck your friends this is how I think it ends
Track Name: Moonshine Horoscope
So im mistaken I think that youre leading me on
Through all misbehaving I swear that it never feels wrong
You tell me you loved me but all of those feeling have gone
but I want you so bad I swear I wont mind
oh, come on

I try to leave you but false aspirations take hold
but if my heart achieves to beleive you its under control
If youre my personified Karma what debts could I owe
If every pig has a flight I know Im bound to let go

Maybe youre right,
your love is not mine to disown
but if you should ever leave baby, I'll leave you alone
Track Name: Figure 8
Oh I know a way to shut you out and keep my tounge in my mind
Sometimes I know I try too hard to make you want me to want what you like
I know

And you could roll your eyes
as many times as your perfect body rolled in mine
sometimes I know I lie about the things I want you to want me to like

I know

If all the trends say Im to blame I dont wanna wait to try and stall
All my friends say Im so vein well I dont wanna waste their time at all

Oh I know you well enough to just freak out and call
Oh I know the love you need is only defined by the hearts you plead to keep you confined and alone

If all our endings stay the same I dont wanna play no more at all
Apathy wont pray on me I just gotta stay awake and crall

Oh you know me well enought to just freak out and call
No dont go
I think about you all the time
my senses arrest all the truth from my mind
I want you to know that im doing just fine on my own
Track Name: Apogee
Say you are the only one
That guy you know is just a friend
Say you wont but its hard
goldmines shattered, blown apart

Vision keeps fading
eternally changing
i know im debased
Im recognizing that ill just keep lying to you
in a place not very near

Settle down you always say
it doesnt go down that way
but speculation kills every time
knowing the truth but convinced it was a lie

Always complaining that im contimplating another reality
but when he is fucking you ill be here loving you
waiting patiently
always im thinking of what youll be drinking and the news ill find
so goddamn confusing im anxiously losing my mind
in a place not very near
Track Name: When Im Dead
All my friends are dead
So I think ill join them

They say youre never gonna get out
youre never gonna get to know me
every night you go out
youre never gonna get out
youre never gonna get to know

All my past loves want me dead
so i think ill satisfy them

fuck this town
im not crying im just stepping out
fuck this town
and its never gonna get to know me
fuck this town
because youre never gonna make it out
fuck this town
cause youre never gonna get to know

I know that they want you
all Ive got is time

Never gonna stop
I dont wanna get away from here
away from you
Track Name: Distant Dreaming
Is it right that i have to take a shot from the flask inside my boot
each time you call
I feel alone when im drunk around all of my friends
just waiting for this night to end
ill come down

So strung out on these uppers and im strapped in for the crash
i should know by now my temperament wont last
No one will know you
like you know me too
like i know you do

I dont trust you
but i love you
I dont believe you
but i need you
Track Name: I Was Only Watching This Flicker and Fade
Does it hurt
do you feel alone
i know you hate to be loved from far away
and that you do better on your own
so where do you suppose i go

Does it burn
like my pain stings
I just try to make you feel something
other than disgust
so now im smoking in an elevator hoping it will combust

oh love
let go
its easier to seperate yourself from your head when its off

oh love
hold on
I never claimed to know just quite how you feel
i never claimed to doubt you
i wont second guess that its real

so cut my guts and stain my teeth
ill make you wish that you werent so into me
life was always so much better when i held you beneath
thought it was clever to be fragile but im fracturing

so cut my guts and stain my teeth
ill make you wish that you werent so into me
now my chipped paint lips are dead and blistering
thought it was clever to be harmless but im so damaging

so cut my guts and stain my teeth
ill make you wish that you werent so into me