Beach Glass Comedown


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Single and B-side from our upcoming album "TrashPop//DoomWop" on July 9th


released June 25, 2013

Original Photo: Sarah Sassafrass




GHOSTT BLLONDE Raleigh, North Carolina

" Stemming from PBR suds and nervous hiccups Ghostt Bllonde's lovably insouciant indie rock is a 50′s rumble of trash-can-pop."

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Track Name: Beach Glass Comedown
And I found puddles in your eyes
They all evaporated into mine
so if youre leaving tonight
its ok, its alright

But Im afraid of running round in circles look desperatley
for another fake apology
its apathy thats keeping me alive
Im not afraid of ignoring your sorrow
you can choke me and ill call tomorrow
it was always guilt that made us just thrive

Fuck me with the rage of a teenage driver
Abandon me with the guilt of a brand new bachelorette
lets get drunk lets get high and watched dazed and confused
on an old VHS that your family used
its fun
and im young
and your mine, thats a lie
and im fine thats a lie

Inbetween the coffee breaks and rattle snakes
ill try to sleep just to protect my hygine
because my dirty mind is lashing out at me
steady now your friendly failures will no longer put me down
geographical changes will hang around
the summer was made for sometimes lovers